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Our Horses

A community is nothing without its residents. And here at Kaleidoscope Farm the most important residents are the horses. Some horses visit for training, or travel on to new homes, but many stay with us and become members of the family.

Wondering who those two pretty mares are at the top of the screen? The bay is Bluette and the white is Adel Arrhan.


Waldo is the first to greet visitors to the farm. His intelligence is unquestionable and his charm undeniable. He's always interested in "helping out" with repairing fences or at feeding time. In his early years, Waldo was a Westphalian (by Roemer) breeding stallion at another farm. As a gelding he showed for us through 4th level. He became a permanent and cherished resident after retiring from competition. Waldo is a survivor of cancer and colic surgeries. Today he enjoys the semi-retired life. But he also keeps his "hooves in the ring" by giving riding lessons.


Jasper is the hero of the story. He was purchased at auction by Kathi, from a Trakehner breeding farm that was closed down. Terribly neglected and starved, his fur came off when she pulled off the hip tag. Over the years and miles, Jasper learned to trust people and even enjoy his work. He and Kathi showed with great success through Intermediare dressage. He is beloved by the many students who took lessons on him in retirement. Today Jasper is the revered elder statesman of the farm.


Lilly boarded at Kaleidoscope Farm nearly her entire, long life. In fact she moved with us when we changed locations. Lilly's varied career included eventing, dressage, and even fox hunting. The story is still told of how on one hunt she passed even the hounds. Lilly was opinionated with grown-ups yet incredibly gentle with the young riders. She was a fixture in our lesson program for many years. Everyone felt her passing, particularly her life-long pasture friend, Jasper. She was laid to rest below a willow tree in their favorite field.